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February 2001

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01. Letter From the Editor: Welcome New ECR Members!

Contributor: Kaelin Kelly

Until recently, the Energy Community Report's membership consisted solely of participants in the April 2000 intermediate 5-day intensive in Jupiter Beach, Florida. We are now opening our ranks to other seekers of energy truths. A warm welcome to ECR's new members: donors to the Energy Medicine Institute (Donna and David's new nonprofit), and the attendees at the Nov 2000 Energy Tracker conference in Boulder and the Jan 2001 Radiant Energies conference in Sedona. We are delighted to have you join us and look forward to your input as we co-mingle our individual experiences, insights, successes, failures, tips and questions with our shared vision of bringing energy techniques into common use.

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This month's issue consists primarily of reflections on Radiant Circuits (formerly known as Strange Flows and now renamed to reflect what Donna really sees). The

Radiant Energies conference attendees have been stellar in submitting their insights and ahas! In fact, we're overflowing (every editor's dream!!!) and will print additional Radiant Energy reflections next month.

A couple of magical things have happened in the process of putting together this issue:

First, as the insights from the Radiant Energies weekend poured in, it became clear that those of you who weren't able to attend would be quite taken with the enthusiasm generated by this conference and eager to find out what intellectual content has everyone so excited. I wrote to David and he wrote back with a generous offer to make the video and class handouts available to all ECR members. (See Item #2 for details.)

Thanks, Donna and David! As those of us who attended the Radiant Energies weekend already know, the positive message of that conference is absolutely essential for anyone working in energy medicine.

Secondly, I arrived at a new level of understanding of the value of this newsletter. At Sedona, I viewed first-hand what went on, but after reading individual submissions from other attendees, I perceived the Sedona event through new eyes. As Lila Henry, a new ECR member, observed 'Everyone sees and hears through their own life experience, season, life color and sensory representational system (digital, visual, kinesthetic, or tonal) and interprets events in their own way.' You're so right, Lila. Our written insights not only bring the events of Sedona to members who weren't there, but they keep renewing the event for further reflection for those who were! I grew at the workshop, to be sure, but then I grew again as I was privy to each member's reflections.

My wish is that a whole new set of insights and ahas! will happen to each of you as you read this newsletter. Isn't that EXACTLY what ECR is all about?

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02. Video and Class Handouts from Radiant Energies Conference

Contributor: David Feinstein

We would like to give some special benefits to the Energy Community membership, which now includes our EMI members. We will offer the handouts from the Radiant Energies workshop to the Energy Community for $10. If Energy Community members order the video set for that workshop before March 31, we will reduce their price from $249 to $199 (plus $4 postage). In addition, anyone who previously purchased the handouts will get an additional $10 credit. The video will be shipped after March 31.

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The charge is $203 for the video and class handouts or $10 for class handouts only.

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03. Request For Copies of April 2000 Jupiter Beach Handouts

Contributor: David Feinstein

Does anyone who attended the JBR Intermediate 5-day last April still have all the handouts intact? Donna did not keep track of the exact handouts she used and most of the people we have asked have merged them with other papers. We need them to go out with the videotapes. If you have those handouts and could send us a copy at Innersource, 777 East Main Street, Ashland, OR 97520 we would be happy to reimburse you for all costs and we would be very grateful.

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04. Making Treatments Hold With Radiant Circuits

Contributor: Wayne McCleskey

I'm on the plane on my way home from Sedona and am reflecting on the weekend's experience. My first aha is the importance of the radiant circuits. I've only worked with three people since I began thinking of the way these circuits influence our lives and the potential for wholeness that they carry.

In each of the three treatments I did in Sedona, when I reached the place where I'd normally do a zip up or crown pull to lock in the treatment, I energy tested to see what else might need to be done (using the standard deltoid test of holding the arm out straight and pressing down to find whether the energy is flowing or not.)

I energy test for 'there is more to do to make this treatment hold.' Strong=go searching. Then, I test for 'we need to do a crown pull' Weak=keep hunting. I just go through the list of stuff in my head that usually strengthens a treatment: zip up, 9 gamut treatment (a Thought Field Therapy procedure), chakras and now I add radiant circuits. If 'we need to strengthen radiant circuits' tests strong, then I do the tests we learned in the training for each of the 10 circuits until I find one that is weakened. I correct that and then return to the question 'there is more we need to do to make this treatment hold.' When we get a weak, we are done.

Now that gives me pause to think that we may be finding out a way to make sure that treatments hold longer by using the radiant circuits to lock it in.

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05. The Energy of Life

Contributor: Wayne McCleskey

A Sedona 'aha' came from a book I read to prepare for the Radiant Energies workshop -- Extraordinary Vessels by Kiiko Matsumoto and Stephen Birch. They indicate that when the fertilized egg cell divides in two that division forms the central and governing vessels. The 2 cells divide into 4, and form the belt channel. As each division continues, the other channels (which we've called 'strange flows' or most recently 'radiant circuits') are formed, which provides the primordial energy system for the fetus and continues to breathe life into us for the rest of our days. The book also spoke of the beginnings of the vessels (circuits) as the abdomen, the centers known as dan tien and ming men. The way that the ancient acupuncture texts write about this is that in this source place deep within us, spiritual energy from the creator enters into us and is transformed into physical energy. An awesome way to understand the energy of life.

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06. Crown Pull Adaptation

Contributor: Louise Mathewson

In doing the Crown Pull, I have made a simple adjustment that stimulates an amazing radiant-type flow of energy through my whole body. When I pull across my forehead and my fingertips reach my thumbs, I slowly draw them down the sides of my face to my shoulders then off my shoulders. Then after pushing in at my forehead and crown, I slowly draw my fingertips down the side of my face and over my ears, or down the sides or back of my head and neck, across my shoulders and extend my fingers slightly into my aura. Shivers of wonderful energy flow through my whole body, down to my legs.

I have been doing this exercise for some time. It clicked with me at the Radiant Energies weekend that it probably activates some strange flow. Let me know if this works for any of you or your clients!

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07. Altering Habits Using Radiant Energies

Contributor: Pat Hinkley

I am really excited by the idea of altering habits by using the radiant energies. Some things are just so recalcitrant that working with them this way seems creative, feels wonderful and gives hope for each of us.

Donna's statement that radiant energies of joy and enthusiasm are not present if triple warmer has been overworking all of one's life is very important. These energies have to be available in order to be accessed. The good news is that one can cultivate them. This hopeful message can uplift all of us caught in habits we no longer find useful.

It almost seems to me--and I am a beginner at this--that a lot of work could be shortened and enhanced by going right to the radiant circuits, after the preliminaries, and then working with other systems later. I look forward to exploring these circuits personally and with clients.

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08. Energy Work is Healing Yourself

Contributor: Lila Henry

What I liked best about Sedona was working on each other in groups of three. We worked on reaching the strange flows through the other systems that we are already familiar with.

It struck me that Donna's methods are very non-invasive. The helper person simply gets the 'client' person in touch with their own inner healer systems, and supports them as they go through their own energy shifts that lead to healing. The helper doesn't really need to 'do' anything 'to' the other person. It's inner work.

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In our group one person went from a subjective stress count of 9 (out of ten) to 3, and another person went from 10 to 2 after working on the strange flows. I really appreciate non-invasive methods that allow us to find our own inner way. I don't 'see' energy, but it was very clear, watching, when the energy shifted.

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09. Strange Flows Carry Emotions of All Seasons

Contributor: Lila Henry

Donna says the Strange Flows carry joy instantly throughout the body. I think they must carry the main emotion of each of the seasons instantly throughout the body, i.e. joy for summer, compassion for Indian summer, grief for fall, fear for winter and anger for spring. If it is not the Strange Flows that do this, then what does? Learning about them from Donna is wonderful because hers are joyous. I feel that I could start to open to them during the weekend because of the joy.

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Unfortunately, I had a sad incident that tested this theory shortly after the weekend. On my way home from Sedona, I picked up my dog at the kennel. About 10 minutes after we got home, my dog was hit by a car and killed. I ran down the driveway to him, screaming and crying, and I sat with him for a long time, talking and crying. I'm still grieving.

As a result of my recent experience with Strange Flows, I feel I could instantly grieve my dog's death. If I had not been at the weekend I don't think I could have done that. My take on it is that previous to the weekend I did not want to access my strange flows because they already carried much terror and grief. If we cut off one strong emotion we cut them all off. We cannot pick and choose which emotion to feel and which not to feel, we can only either feel or not feel all of them. I think many of us don't access our joyfulness as much as possible because we are afraid of feeling one or more of the other seasons' emotions. If we cut off from grief or terror or rage or compassion then we also are cut off from joy, because they are all carried by the same system. Comments?

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10. Healing by Intuition

Contributor: Diane Viner

I felt the Sedona workshop was really superb and this work resonates so deeply for me, personally and professionally, that it is truly a gift.

One of Donna's main messages as she taught the Radiant Energies was to trust our intuition. I love the melding of the logical, linear and intuitive. The 'Energy Tracker' conference provided us with a left-brained format to guide us into clearing the energies and correcting for psychological reversals, then we enter the radiant channels and are set free to move into our intuitive nature and believe whatever it tells us. And Donna reassures us that we can't go wrong here. For those of us who operate much of the time in this realm, it is real liberation to have Donna so strongly validate intuition.

In his book Shaman, Healer, Sage, Alberto Villoldo talks about this blending of the gifts of the earth chakras -- the focus of Earth-goddess culture, and the sky chakras -- the religions of the sky-god, logical and technological. We need strong voices to validate the wisdom of the intuitive and Donna and David's work brings us that validation.

In my own practice, I see a lot of clients who have frozen central meridians. They generally refer to themselves as feeling cut off from people and their emotions. Upon checking their central meridian with the N and S side of a magnet (as described below), I find their meridian to be frozen. Donna refers to the central meridian as our area of vulnerability and I have seen dramatic results from bringing back polarity to this meridian. I also now have a new appreciation for central meridian, knowing its role as one of the radiant circuits. I will now work with anchor and wander on the meridian when I encounter a frozen one, in addition to holding the magnet on its end points and using a Tai Chin rod.

To check for a frozen meridian, place the N side of the magnet on the end of the meridian and muscle check. If it tests strong, turn the magnet over and test with the S side on the meridian end. If that also tests strong, use the same test on the other end of the meridian and it will show strong on N and S as well. You have a frozen meridian. To unlock it, hold the magnet on the ends of the meridian for several minutes, both N and S sides. If you have a metal Tai Chin rod (available from Chinese Medical Supply catalogs) twirl it in the magnet center as well. Donna said you can also use wood but it takes longer and I have found the Tai Chin rod works every time. After you do both ends of the meridian this way, spin a magnet over the ends of the meridian several times in both directions to restore polarity. Tell the client to do baking soda baths or showers for a week. I have found that it does not seem to hold without the baking soda.

After working with the central meridian this way people become stronger in who they are. Their voice gets stronger and so does their will. One of my clients has always been a doormat for her husband and daughter. She was really feeling her oats after the treatment and her husband actually went to a pharmacy to get her some vitamins for her menopausal symptoms--which she is not in yet! She declined to take them.

How do I know when to check central meridian? It's mostly intuitive. Lots of times I check it and find it frozen after doing everything I know to undo a locked muscle without success. Once I've unfrozen central meridian, the muscle responds accurately.

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11. The Healer Within

Contributor: Louise Mathewson

The thing that continually amazes me about Donna and her work is the empowerment of the individual's own healer within. In my own personal search, I have met many who appear to be out to 'fix' me. They act as though they have the solution/answer to my problem and they know best what I need. I have become sensitive to this subtle type of disempowerment and find myself rankling inside when it happens. An example: I am disempowered when a healer directs me to imagine a specific color or image that is meaningful to them rather than asking if this works for me. If the healer asks me what color I associate with healing, then I feel empowered and encouraged to listen to my inner healing voice. Donna's presentation of the Radiant Energies is yet another way to empower each and every one of us to access our own radiance and healing energy.

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12. Energy Techniques for Facial Tics

Contributor: Louise Mathewson

Are facial tics or twitches an indication of too much energy in the head? The Crown Pull seems like a good recommendation, but are there other suggestions for what the imbalance might be? What practices are recommended?

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13. Sedate Triple Warmer For Hyperactivity

Contributor: Debra Hurt

In 1986, when I first started studying Energy Medicine with Donna and others my son, Mailo, was four years old. Having been the oldest of six girls, it never occurred to me that Mailo was unusual for a boy simply because his energy was INTENSELY PHYSICAL and OUT OF CONTROL during his waking hours. He was hell on wheels. As a single mom, I was pretty tired!

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After taking my first Touch For Health class, however, I began to experiment. Since it was impossible to get him to sit still, I would clear his chakras one by one after reading him his nightly story, starting with the first chakra. He would usually nod off before I finished that one so I was able to continue without interference. I would then sedate his Triple Warmer while he slept. It took several months of this every night, but he began to get calmer and calmer and better able to manage his temper and frustration. Energy Medicine saved two lives!!!

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14. Modification to Energy Exercise Shower Routine

Contributor: Kaelin Kelly

In last month's issue of ECR, I offered an Energy Exercise Shower Routine. My intent with this routine is to post a list of exercises to choose from each day as I check in on my energy system and determine what it needs. I now realize that a critical exercise is missing from the list. Donna says over and over, 'Cancer cannot live in a well-oxygenated body.' With that knowledge, who wouldn't spend 30 seconds daily to Free the Diaphragm?

I have a question about that very exercise. What does it mean if it makes you dizzy?

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15. Muscle Testing Question

Contributor: Sally Baldwin

I am just now starting to practice energy medicine on friends, family and co-workers. Recently, I worked with a man who is recovering from cancer. He has had radiation and is on strict regimen diet (juicing & vegetarian). He has also started working with Nikken magnets as a distributor and user.

When I tested him using the tests that Donna outlined in her Boulder course on 'Tracking the Energies in a Session' (looking at the X and ||; walking forward and backwards; reading forwards and backwards, smashing nose, etc.) he tested strong on everything! I couldn't get him to go weak on anything. I don't know if it is all the magnets or if he is just frozen on everything. Any suggestions?

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16. Aromatherapy for Meridians

Contributor: DuWayne Steele

I have heard that the sense of smell is related to the hypothalamus. Donna has said that Triple Warmer governs the hypothalamus. So it seems to me that there should be some aromatherapy scent that should be very effective at calming TW. Does anyone have any insight or experience with using aromatherapy to sedate or tonify meridians, especially TW?

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17. Fibromyalgia: Response to Pat Butler's Comments

Contributor: Debra Hurt

For anyone with an auto-immune disorder, I would recommend that you energy test for 'permission to continue' after every energy correction. This way you can easily respect the body's own timing and allow it adequate opportunity to integrate the new 'energy information' you're giving it, without overwhelming the person.

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18. Triple Warmer on Stage

Contributor: Barbara Brooks

Sunday morning caught my attention at the Sedona workshop when Donna and David reacted to whether or not to complete the third person exchange in the hands-on exercise of the evening before. Time was running short and Donna and David decided to change the Sunday morning agenda by eliminating the completion of the Saturday night hands-on small groups. One woman stood up and said that she felt trampled on and really bad about not completing the exercise.

You could see the energy shift with Donna and David in very different ways. David wanted to stick to the schedule. Donna looked flustered because she wanted to soothe the upset people. Everything started to feel very confused in the room. We all moved into a defensive Triple Warmer position while we watched the drama on stage. It was a live action example of Triple Warmer dominating the radiant energies. After the break, Donna and David talked about what happened which I found very interesting and informative because in our daily lives we are constantly trying to balance these energies, and this was a perfect example.

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19. Radiant Energies At Their Radiant Best

Contributor: Sylve~ Sandalls

SylveSandalls.jpg (4117 bytes)

The Sedona trip and workshop was really wonderful, and what a great way for me to end this chapter of my first journey to America. As I prepare now to return to South Africa, I wanted to share a little about my experience in Sedona.

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The 'radiant energies' are very aptly named - I believe that we really do become radiant when they are properly in balance and flowing well. What a great design!!! Our Creator sure was clever and creative to build this system into our beings; a system that enables us to tap into our own creativity.

I think that all of our 'Radiant Circuits' were activated during the workshop. Since then, I have been feeling so much more in tune with my bodily sensations. I seem to feel the energy running through my body more clearly than ever. The morning after the workshop, as we stood within the medicine wheel out amongst those spectacular mountains, I could literally feel my heart chakra spinning and expanding and it felt so blissful. I think that the radiant energies allow us to tap into our bliss and become more joyful.

Perhaps the key to activating them, besides actually tracing their flow or holding their points, is to feel gratitude and to feel our connection to all of creation. I believe that 'we are such stuff as dreams are made of', and this 'stuff' flows through the universe and us, and has specific pathways along which to flow. How blessed we are to have been given the 'join the dots' map, so we can trace these out and get a tangible idea of what we were designed to 'look' and feel like. This design is the design of bliss, and when we open to the power that exists here, we can experience such strength and peace, even amidst the turmoil that is so often present in our busy lives.

As I leave for home, my 'bridge flow', which forms the shape of a heart over our chest, is full to overflowing, and I am so excited about taking all that I have learned here back to South Africa with me, to inspire all the wonderful people there. Blessings to all of you who have shared this journey with me. I will see you back in America when it is time for my return. 'til then, keep shining!

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